Summerkadahan Blues Update

5 05 2009

hey! hey! for those of you who been following the issue of SPEAKER’s HONORARIUM..

as an update.. they informed us.. through GRACIE.. a sexy member of the group.. the HONORARIUM is Php350.00.. not bad..

and we claimed it yesterday. May 4, 2009..

At least..

Summerkadahan Blues

15 04 2009

Summerkadahan is one of the summer programs of our Honorable Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio. This are one of those programs where sports plays as the cure for the bad vices that our young people of today..

Summerkadahan had been going on for years.. From being one of the manager’s for a Basketball Team upto this date, somehow i am still connected with this program.. This is one of those things that i cannot leave.. right now, i am one of the Speakers for the Healthy Lifestyle Promotion among the young people participating in this program.. for this year, my group was assigned to handle the kids from POLOMOLOK.. yes the whole place..

Well, im not going to make a report on how our one day activity per barangay went.. i’ll spare another page for that.. this will be totally regarding the speaker’s fee that we will be receiving after a job (i hope) well done..

This post will serve as my memory lane for the conversation i had with some people regarding the said FEE.. Expect to see text conversation in this post..

ME on learning that we will only be paid with Php 200.00 per day

AHK1: dimpz, 2hundred lang daw nadungug ni ASST BOSS

ME: Guys. 2hundred lang daw ang per day. what can you say about that?

AHK 1:shit! ana lang? ingna brian xa explain nanu ana man.

AHK2: Lain au poi. unfair ui.

Now ME, texted the BOSS..

ME: Gudnun. we just want to confirm kung 2hundred lang ang rate sa speakers. if its true, we strongly opposed to that. great disappointment- AHK.

THE BOSS: Kinsa nagsulti sa inyo nga 2hundred ang hon sa speaker?

ME: wE have inquired from your ofice.. and sir ASST BOSS gave us the figure. that is why, we like it to confirm from your end

after half hour…

THE ASST. BOSS: Gudpm.. what god ang honorarium ninyo last year sa anti-drug?

ME: 300…

after few minutes

ME: Sir. haVe u read our proposal? We have placed there the speakers fee as per advised. Whats the purpose of submitting it? kung dili mu conforme atu, at least gpa edit unta ninyo

THE BOSS: Wala man ko naghatag og figure bisag kay kinsa kung pila ang honorarium

THE BOSS: C brian man naga adto diri opis para mag follow up sa inyong proposal

THE BOSS: c brian lang ang nagapakita sa amoa diri sa opis cya pud ang na inform nako nga dili masunod ang tanan sa inyong proposal

ME: mR. estrellan is part of the team.. it was his task to do the follow up.. he informed us dat 5hundred cant be given. but that doesnt mean nga 2hundred lang sir. we will not react kung dili nag gikan sa inyuhang OFIS and information sir.

THE BOSS: as wat i told you i dont gve any figure yet as how much is da speakers hon, kung may reklamo kau see me in person here in da opis

THE ASST. BOSS: Ple, visit lng mo dre ofis para ma-istoryahan ang inyo honorarium kay lapse nko to kay wa jud nakabungat si THE BOSS ug amount diay. ang ako namention ganiha proposal diay to sa laing account

This may be a petty reason to be mad about. For some, they may think nga HANGOL mi ug kwarta.. The money is not the issue here.. We are fighting for our worth..

It may not be a Herculean Task per se, but speaking in front of young people and promoting healthy lifestyle among them is not easy.. Plus the fact that we go to a different route every weekend.. with all the LUBAK and ABUG.. nevermind the init ng araw.. One of our member even stayed in the hospital for 4 days because of stree + abug + dehydration.. Nakakahiya man.. oo nagrereklamo kami.. but MR. THE BOSS.. give to JUAN what is due for JUAN..

p.s. we have a reliable source.. YES YOU DID MENTIONED ITS 200.. don’t be too defensive..

GOD BLESS us all!


13 03 2009

the THEFT is at it again.. still using the account of my Aunt and is using the same tactic.. i’ll be sharing it to you para next time you’ll know if the people your dealing with is a CON:

the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): jan ka pa ba angelo
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): ganito okay lang ba hingi ako favor sayo ngyon?
excathedra217: sure..
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): kasi ganito yung mga roaming sim namin mageexpire na
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): ang problema wala kami mabilan ng globe cards
excathedra217: den?

the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): out of stock sa lahat and yung supplier namin wala na
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): okay lang ba pautos me sayo ngyon?
excathedra217: ok..
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): ganito pabili sana ko sayo ngyon globe cards
excathedra217: d bah pwede mkbili jan sa london?
excathedra217: kaso wla ako pera ehh
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): out of stock sa lahat ng filipino store
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): wala ka ba mahihiraman?
excathedra217: wla..
excathedra217: im drained
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): sure namn tom recive mo na din payment ko sayo
excathedra217: kng pwede mgpadal k ng pera dito
excathedra217: i want a show money
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): 20us dollars each card bayad ko sayo
excathedra217: hahahahaha
excathedra217: huh?
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): wala naman problem sa payment
excathedra217: ntawa n mn ako sa offer mo
the THEFT (using my aunt’s account): willing to pay naman sila lahat para sa cards
excathedra217: ang laki huh
excathedra217: gnyan p yan bentahan jan

some accounts had been altered..

that exactly what happened to us.. we thought its a relative asking for a favor.. again.. CAREFUL!

Got busted…

11 03 2009

i am aware that there are brilliantly evil minds lurking in this world wide web.. i thought i was precautious enough.. but they still hit me and my family.. LAST monday.. i got a message from my dear aunt in London asking us if  it possible for us to send her 100 pieces of 500 worth of prepaid cards that day.. informing us that it is one of her new sidelines.. Knowing our aunt to be business minded.. we easily gave in to her request..

checking our wallets for available funds, the whole family shared for the needed amount for the procurement of the 100 pieces 500 worth of load prepaid cards..

with the cash on hand, we then went from one cellphone shop to the other just to complete the 100 pieces request..

after which, the whole family helped out in scratching and sending the PIN NUMBERS of the prepaid cards through mail to the email of our aunt..

everything went smoothly.. we thought we are indeed dealing with our beloved AUNTIE.. all the while, we are being scammed..

BANG! we were hit by an IDENTITY THEFT.. claiming that they are our relative.. asking us to send bank accounts and the likes.. but we are being played upon.. DARN IT!

As i am typing this.. another cousin is terribly upset for what happened.. all of her family’s savings were zipped out from them.. aside from that, they have to resort on loaning from close friends..

one good thing that we have proven with this experience though.. FAMILY WILL ALWAYS BE FAMILY.. WE WOULD REALLY FIND WAYS JUST TO HELP OUR LOVE ONES..

the main reason that im bringing this out though is to make people be aware of the DARK SIDE of this new age of technology..

let us all be careful with all the people we’re dealing with ONLINE.. all along we thought its a relative or a close friend but we never know.. there accounts are being used by these people who are messing people’s lives with their LIES..



11 03 2009

im making this to have an official entry for BARILES REPUBLIC.. im a neophyte but there is nothing wrong with trying right?..

who knows, this might be my passes to have two of the reserved seats they have for LAUGH TIL U DROP with POOH-K”..

Laugh til you drop

POOH-K.. whew.. interestingly kinky..

havent seen pooh or Ms. K Brosas perform live.. if i want to roll on the floor laughing, i just check their videos on YOUTUBE… specially POOH’s performance.. BUT ITS TOTALLY A DIFFERENT WATCHING EXPERIENCE IF I GET THE CHANCE TO SEE THEM PERFORM AND TICKLE ME WITH ALL THEIR IRRESISTIBLE SPIELS..

Impersonating people seems to come naturally to Pooh, who used to mimic his grade-school teacher and kept his classmates in stitches.

one thing that made me love POOH is his  GAY LOVER skit..

remember the… “pag-uwi ko ng bahay wala na mga gamit ko.. ang sabi niya paparafol niya daw para dun sa mga mahihirap.. natuwa naman ako kasi para naman pala sa good cause.. inimbitahan pa nga niya ako sa Rafol Draw.. peru nagtaka ako.. kasi nung first bunot.. pangalan niya ang nabunot.. nung sumunod sa kanya nanaman.. lahat ng mga prizes siya nakakuha.. wala naman akong karapatang magreklamo kasi may DTI representative naman… ANG NANAY NIYA”…whew… expect more of that.. and his spoof of our very own MANNY PACQUIAO..

poohquiao “Okay lang, habang kumikita si Pacquiao kumikita rin ako (As long as Pacquiao is earning, I will too),” he  grins, while   striking his classic Pooh-quiao pose.

kbro As for K..

Ms. Brosas do have a fair share in the comedy scene. A multi-talented in her own right, K Brosas sings well and did some  acting stints making her popular these days..

Win or no win.. expect me to be watching this.. but its would be nicer if i got the FREE INVITE..hihihi


Check this out:

Ticket Prices are:

  • Platinum –  Php 600 (reserve seats, court area)
  • Gold –  P400 (Free seating, court area)
  • Silver –  P250 (free seating, lower bleacher, black seats)
  • Bronze –  P150 (free seating, upper bleacher)

For more info, you may contact 0920-2078888 and 0905-8222220 or call the City Mayor’s Office at (083) 554-4214.  Look for Haydee.

When Red Day turns to Black.. a valentines special

14 02 2009

people just make so much fuzz about the red day.. not minding the unnecessary pour out of sources.. why buy a 500hundred worth of an ordinary bouquet of red roses on vday when you can have it at a hundred on a regular day?.. it would mean more if you surprise your love ones with those gifts on a regular day, expressing how much you love them.. THAT WOULD MEAN ALOT WHEN YOU GIVE THEM STUFF WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECT IT.. some may raise an eyebrow.. some may give a nod.. well, forgive me for writing out loud..
its just that..


Hello world!

19 01 2009

first kiss..

first love..

or even the very first cheque..

why is it a big deal for us remembering and celebrating our FIRSTS?..

i do not know either.. all i know is that i am happy for my very first in wordpress.. i do hope i can explore more.. and learn more about blogging world with this engine.. hop on and fly with me.. let’s enjoy this world we’re creating.. a utopian type of living.. in this world we call the cyberspace..